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anil.aroraAll over who I am
I am Mesmerized
by the deep concentration
of the Trembling within
the Eroticquakes shaking
my Essence
Feels so Divine
while Etching its Ecstasy
All over who I am.

in the beautiful Sensual Spot
where Lovers are allowed to live
only in the Potent,
Pleasure moments of the

I am back with you
feeling exhausted from the
Ethereal Experience
that has taken place.
Heaven invaded my Body
and the Angels did Sing.

I look at You
Admiring the Passion residing
in the depths of your Eyes…
your Soul.
I see you…
Really see You
and You are Glorious to me.

I Smile
letting that be my Language
of Choice
because honestly,
I cannot Speak now.

I Kiss you tenderly
and in that Kiss lives my
Graditude to the gods
for the Compelling Energy
of the Euphoric Sensation
that I so sweetly survived.

I drift off to sleep
just for a few minutes
and you so lovingly allow me
to rest right there
in the Safe Heaven
of your Warm Embrace
blanketed by the Sacred Bliss
Cupid’s Smile.

Not Mine
Anil Arora

Naulekahe par tere khoon ki boond hai,
Motiyo ki jagah par jada kaun hai,
Jiski khatir daga chandini se kare,
Puch suraj ki woh dilruba kaun hai?
Good one..Tfs

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