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anil.aroraMy Heart Lust After Another Man You Did Not
Time and again my heart did not work
My heart lust after another man you did not

Since I became a confidante heart
I did not learn to love your heart patient

I passed all my days in longing on
You're nothing but grief did not dim my day mourning

I tear the corner of the house after you all night
In sorrow thou my lips did not laugh wall

Promised that the tail nostalgic come Sunset
But on the night and you did not visit

Then you and your eyes only memories remain
The memories of my head but did not

All night with a fever dream I stole your love
No one then you did not remind me fever

You'll stay each night of farewell songs
All say they fell in love and did not deny

I am going to be reminding you of my memory
No one then you did not insist upon stayed
Anil Arora

Naulekahe par tere khoon ki boond hai,
Motiyo ki jagah par jada kaun hai,
Jiski khatir daga chandini se kare,
Puch suraj ki woh dilruba kaun hai?

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