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anil.aroraThis is where I love you
Right here, in this time, this place
that no one knows but you and me…
this is where I love you.

In the stolen moments of quiet,
when you are everything to me
and I am your only focus….
these are the moments I crave.

I live for those looks
that invite me to guess what’s on your mind,
and when your touch suggests
there is so much more to come.

Do we only exist here,
where we are alone together…
our love defined
by the boundaries of these walls?

Not Mine
Anil Arora

Naulekahe par tere khoon ki boond hai,
Motiyo ki jagah par jada kaun hai,
Jiski khatir daga chandini se kare,
Puch suraj ki woh dilruba kaun hai?
Nice share

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